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About us

Victoria Carpe Diem Events...

Why did I give this name to my agency?

First of all Victoria is my name. I have a personalized approach with every client for any type of request and wish. Planning the events I work with a professional team and it guarantees to meet every need of any client and realize even the smallest detail.

Carpe Diem – is a Latin phrase than means “Seize the moment”. It is a skill to seize the moment enjoying it and getting unforgettable experience that leaves good memories of your event for a long time.

Few words about me: Victoria Donkina: I was born and grew up in Moscow – Russia. After graduated at the Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO) and the Master course in “European Studies” at the Florence University, I worked as the interpreter and assistant in the Military Office of the Italian Embassy in Moscow. I moved definitively to Italy in 2004. I got a good job experience working in a trade company and fashion industry of the accessories. After getting married and giving birth to two daughters I set up my own business: a consulting agency for the individual tourism and private services in Italy that became the actual Event agency.

My main skills: an excellent ability to work with people that means for me "responsibility" and "diplomacy".