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Why hire me and engage my company?

The Event Planner Victoria Donkina works closely with her clients to create an event that truly represents their unique sense of taste and style, and matches their dreams for their special day.
The event planner pays close attention to the vision of her clients and the special logistics of each and every event.

Language support: We are in Italy and probably you don`t speak the Italian language or you don`t know it well enough, so it could create some difficulties in planning your event or wedding.

Resolving problems: You can plan your event / wedding by yourself, but you won`t be always able to resolve immediately the current problems without knowing good the venue and without having other useful contacts. A professional help of the Event Planner on the ground and of the professional team will permit you to forget about difficulties and enjoy your event or wedding.

Event Planner - your trustee: You will need a person you trust to organize the services for the event/wedding and to liaise with suppliers. It will help you to plan the relaxed wedding / event you are hoping for, I will take care of the rest.

Services: My agency will offer you various services to organize your event. You don`t need to take the whole package of the services, you can choose a service you need and I will coordinate the work of the staff and other professionals.

Relax and pleasure: First of all it must be you to enjoy your wedding / event and get pleasure of it. It must be relaxing for you as your tension will negatively affect the whole event and your guests will notice it. You won`t be able even to hide it from photo and videocameras.