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French Wedding with a Religious Ceremony at the Ancient Monastery

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French Wedding with a Religious Ceremony at the Ancient Monastery Certosa of Florence.

Marie Capucine and Jon are a lovely French couple from Dubai who chose to have their wedding at the Certosa del Galluzzo , an ancient monastery that sits on the summit of a hill south of Florence. Historically, it was one of the most powerful monasteries in Europe and exhibited, until Napoleon’s spoliation, 500 works of art. The ceremony was held at the Basilica di San Lorenzo , one of the most important sites of the monastery, characterized by its iconic Mannerist architecture and richly decorated with frescoes, paintings, and a sumptuous 16th-century marble altar.

Our stunning bride was escorted to the altar by her father and her four bridesmaids, while our handsome groom excitedly waited with his groomsmen for his beloved to arrive. As the organ played complemented by the beautiful voice of a soprano singer, the ceremony created the sensation that everyone was back in Renaissance times. After the ceremony concluded, all the guests waited for the newlyweds outside of the church for the petal toss.

The wedding reception was held at Villa Cora. The light of the chandeliers and candles created a cozy, romantic atmosphere. After indulging in a delicious dinner and Italian wine, the bride and groom were showered in best wishes during toasts from their loved ones. And of course, after the heartwarming sentiments, everyone rushed to the dancefloor to dance the night away with cocktails and a live DJ.

  • Wedding Planner: Victoria Donkina – Carpe Diem Events
  • Church: S. Lorenzo of the Certosa of Florence
  • Reception Venue: Villa Cora | Florence
  • Photographers: Konstantin Semenikhin & Andrew Bayda