Frequently Asked Questions


How does pricing work?

Every service has a different range of costs. It is important to know your budget, the approximate number of guests, and the location and/or venue of your event. This way, we can best understand what’s feasible and provide you with an estimated total cost.

Are you with the couple/client during the pre-wedding/pre-event site inspection?

I always offer to personally come see the venues with you. This way, I can provide you with all the pros and cons and will help you decide on which venue to choose. During your visit, we will attend a site inspection of the venue, a tasting of the menu, and view the florist’s showroom, and so on. In the case you’re unavailable to attend the venue selection stage, I can personally assess your potential wedding/event venue a few months before your event.

How involved will the couple/client be? 

The client or couple will be as involved or relaxed as they’d like. While I will offer a list of suppliers, services, and other recommendations, you will be invited to make all of the final decisions. We will be in touch via email, phone call, or WhatsApp. I will always provide you with important updates and communicate what we have to do next. If you ever have any questions or doubts, you can always contact me and I will reply as soon as possible. (For my non-European clients– don’t forget that we have a huge time difference!

I will always accommodate your schedule, but don’t be surprised if you see an email from me at 3:00 am!)

 Are there any cultural weddings you are most familiar with? 

I have extensive experience with cultural traditions for weddings and events, including, but not limited to: European, American, Middle Eastern, South Asian, East Asian, and Central Asian weddings; Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim weddings; and mixed weddings for couples from different cultures. If I’m unfamiliar with the traditions of your culture, I will gladly learn them with humility and accuracy. You can see some examples of weddings I’ve planned at my Vimeo Channel

In the case the couple/client can’t come to see the venue, how do you help to make a selection?

I create a list of venue(s) based on the couple/client’s taste and budget and ask them to select which ones they like more. I then provide the availability and price of the selected venues so that we can select a venue that fits all of the client’s requirements.

Do you stay on-site on the day of the wedding/event?

I personally coordinate every wedding for every day of the event. I offer to stay on-site from the beginning to the end of the event.

How do you stay calm under the pressure? How do you deal with things going wrong?

It all comes down to my character and experience. I have to be the one to remain calm no matter what happens because if I don’t, it will ruin the whole chain of events. Something can always go wrong, but I will use my professional judgment to resolve any problem quickly and calmly. Remember: Nothing is perfect, but I will do

everything in my power to ensure that your event is not only successful, but magical and forever memorable.

Does the information the couple/client gives you remain confidential? 


Yes, definitely. The client is asked to indicate which information is strictly confidential, and all of the planning and logistical details remain between you and me. I have a clause in my contract about confidentiality which we can discuss further.

How do you bring a couple’s/client’s vision to life?

Transparency is crucial. It is very important to me that my clients feel comfortable expressing their genuine wishes and doubts directly with me. If my client doesn’t like something or isn’t fully satisfied, that’s 100% okay– I’ll just ask them to explain why so that we can clarify their likes and dislikes. This way, we will be able to bring their vision to life, exactly how they want it.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

I have a clause in my contract regarding the cancellation and refund policy. The client can cancel the event for any reason. The refunds will be limited to unearned fees.


No request is too extravagant or too simple!

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