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Intimate Chinese Wedding at Villa La Vedetta

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Intimate Chinese Wedding at Villa La Vedetta

Renee and Ching met back in the summer of 2013 when Ching traveled to China for a business trip. At the time, the agency he worked for was collaborating with the agency Renee worked for, though they hadn’t had the opportunity to meet each other yet. While backstage preparing to give a seminar to a crowd of hundreds, Ching serendipitously met the most important person who would hear him speak: his future wife. Though his focus was on preparing for his upcoming speech, Renee’s presence still drew him in. When he first laid eyes on her, he thought, “Hmm … who is the woman in the yellow dress?” Renee also noticed Ching, but her perspective was a little different. She thought, “Hmm … this guy is good-looking, clean, and stylish … but oh my God, his Mandarin is SO broken!”

Ching’s proposal to Renee was simple and genuine, with a beautiful romantic gesture sans the dramatics. He selected a stunning ring with a dazzling diamond and proposed to Renee as they were spending time together in his house. Upon Ching’s proposal, Renee had one immediate answer: “Yes!” (Followed by excited hugs and kisses!) The sweet couple knew they had to have their wedding in Florence, the city of romance, the birthplace of the Renaissance movement, and home to some of the most famous romances in history. They chose Villa La Vedetta as their venue, and with a breathtaking view of the city, standing on the terrace together made them feel like they could reach out and touch the glowing cityscape.

It was an intimate wedding with just the couple’s families and closest friends. For weddings like these, every detail is essential. Everything their guests received were intricately orchestrated, from the initial elegant invitations, to the soothing jazz music complimenting the gorgeous view of their venue, to the traditional Italian wedding cake. Renee and Ching also added many personalized touches, including a personalized fan for each guest to cool off with in the July heat, a watercolor painting of the Duomo di Firenze (Dome of Florence) by Renee which was used for the seating chart, and a hand-written letter waiting for everyone at their seat.

Renee wore a wreath crown made of olive branches and white garden roses. Her bouquet was very delicate, created entirely of white peonies. Subtle make-up and a classic updo created an elegant look for the beautiful bride.

  • Wedding Planner: Victoria Donkina – Carpe Diem Events
  • Venue: Villa La Vedetta | Florence | Tuscany
  • Videographers: Emotional Movie
  • Photographers: Facibeni Fotografia