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Persian Wedding Ceremony (Sofreh Aghd) in the Tuscan Countryside

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Persian Wedding Ceremony (Sofreh Aghd) in the Tuscan Countryside

A wedding is a beautiful occasion full of love, happiness, and the merging of two families. This sweet couple celebrated their love and honored their cultural traditions by having a traditional Iranian wedding with authentic Italian cuisine in Tuscany.

The sofreh aghd, a Persian wedding ceremony spread of symbolic items representing the newlywed’s happy new life together, took place on the hill of a Tuscan winery. While there are traditional items that are typically used, each sofreh aghd is unique and can be designed around the bride and groom’s style. Many symbolic items topped their sofreh aghd table, such as a mirror, honey, spices, sugar canes, a book of poems by Hafez, and more, all with a breathtaking backdrop of the luscious vineyards. In addition to the visually stunning ceremony, attendees were serenaded with a performance of the harp and the violin, giving the evening a special romantic touch.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with delicious Tuscan appetizers and drinks and danced to traditional Iranian music. As the sun began to set, everyone moved to the dinner area which was decorated with elegant Tuscan decor. The couple surprised their guests with a performance from a talented tenor, who sang the bride and groom’s favorite famous opera song.

Once dinner concluded, it was time for the cutting of the cake. The cake was a traditional Italian fruit tart cake in the shape of a heart, topped with a handmade cake topper of the bride and groom. Then, it was time for the party to start! As the Iranian DJ got everybody dancing, the newlyweds celebrated the start of their marriage with their beloved family and friends.

  • Wedding Planner: Victoria Donkina – Carpe Diem Events
  • Venue: Le Filigare Resort| Florence | Tuscany
  • Photographers: Hochezeitspanda┬á